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A friend of mine who has always made nice comments on my videos, has always given me nice ideas for my videos, even though, most of the time, he doesn’t even know he does.
I mean, I upload a video and then he makes a comment and in his comment, he writes his thoughts (and wishes?), and I somehow am able to interpret what is hidden between the lines… Or something like that. I think you guys know what I mean.
So, the last idea he „gave“ me, was in the lines of the comment he made on my „Offizierssmoke“ Video and then, sometime later he mentioned that once again on the „I Tried…“ Video.
And now I did take the time to put this idea to work.
I went out this week and after 2 hours of filming (!), I can say I do have some nice material to make a 10 minutes short film with the Theme that once can find in his latest comments.
As always, my storyline changed during the filming, simply because I usually forget what I want to film… and when I remember about it, it is already (too) late.
Fortunately, after watching the last scenes I filmed, I saw an open door for a Part 2 or continuation of this short movie.
I am already working on the editing of the movie, what is something really complicated, cause, as some of you already know, my camera doesn’t like the night that much and the footage is usally too dark and the work to make it clear, to make it less dark, is somehow hard.
I think I may have this new video finished today… or at least by the end of the week! 😀
Let’s see…
And now, just to make some of you guys a little more curious about my upcoming short film, I made some screen shots that you can see below. 😉

Well, I think that’s it!
Hope some of you guys leave a comment, click the „Google+“ share button below (above the comments/comment box) or send a message about it.

Stay nice, and till next post!

PS: A BIG THANK YOU for all you guys who have ever made a comment here on my Blog, for all of you who have read (some of) the post and also visited it! 🙂

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    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Thank you for the comment, Simon. Well, I was supposed to upload it last night, but the computer didn’t want to cooperate with me. I am like starting all over again… But I am sure that it will be online today!

  1. By gary on

    alex i cant wait to see the film.everything you do is just great .i loved the latest blog x

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Thank you Gary! I’m glad to know you liked it. Well, the video may be up tonight… It all depends on the computer now! 😀

  2. By Bondage Colby on

    Die Fotos lassen auf ein interessantes Video schliessen. Bin schon gespannt auf den Ablauf der Geschichte.

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Hallo BC! Der Computer rendiert das Video… Vielleicht wird noch heute Online sein! 🙂 Danke fürs Kommentieren! 🙂

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Maybe it will be done tonight, mate! 🙂 Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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