Februar 19 2014

Seehausener Weg


Today I went out for a walk in the afternoon, and although the weather cheated on me*, I have to say I had a nice time there!
*yeah! The weather cheated on me! At first it was „warm“ (can the weather on WInter be warm?) and then, when I got there (with a little rain) the temperature dropped quite nicely, I even had an instant headache because of that… Fortunately the headache is almost completely gone now…

Of course, I took the chance to make a video for my YT-Channel, and it is already uploaded – you can check it following this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZZT80LFT1U
and I was also able to make some pictures, that in my opinion turned out to be nice shots! 🙂
You can check them below!
Hope you guys enjoy this post.!
Stay nice and till next reading!

Look what happened to this Appel tree…

On the right place at the right time???

Almost the same shot, with less zoom.

I think I could spend the night here… but not alone!

2 steps ahead and I got this light…

and 2 more steps, I got this effect! I like this picture!

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  1. By gary on

    hi alex they are really stunning photos what a beautiful place that was .i wish i was there take care alex x

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Thank you for your comment, Gary! Well, maybe next time you show up for a walk, who knows? 🙂 Take care too, buddy!

  2. By Bondage Colby on

    Tolle, sehr stimmungsvolle Fotos. Diese Umgebung ist sicher immer einen Besuch wert. Auch, wie Du andeutest, in einer lauen Sommernacht. Danke fürs ansehen lassen.

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar, BC! und du hast ja Recht, dass diese Umgebung immer einen Besuch wert ist! Bald fahre ich wieder hin! 🙂

  3. By james q on

    hey alex i enjoyed your latest videos exellent as always , and the pics you took
    are quite beautiful as well thank you for sharing them with us , and one other thing did you ever find the “ golden orchid “ ? ive often wondered

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Hey James! Thanks for your nice message, mate! 🙂 Glad you liked the videos and the pictures! Yeah!!!! I found the „golden Orchid“!!! At the time I wasn’t making any Video, but I did find it! 🙂 It was like magic! I walk and walked around and nothing, and then when I decided to go home, I went through a different way and there she was, with just ONE last flower! I fell on the floor on my knees like „Oh mein Gott!“ I made „hundreds “ of pictures, from every side! hahaahah Well, I think I can reproduce this scene this years, as I already know where to find it! LOL

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Thank you for the comment, Simon! 🙂 I did enjoyed that place! 🙂


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