August 15 2014

And So I Tried…

Hallo guys.

As I had said in my Post named „Two Of The Most„, I would try to make pictures like those I posted the link.
And Alhtough the weather today was totaly crazy, like raining, sunny, warm, cloudy, etc…etc… I went outside to try to get those pictures done.

Well… I think I don’t need to tell you that it didn’t worked, do I? 🙁
But I’ll try again another time.

From all the pictures I made, I think only two were not that bad…
And so I chose this one below to share with you guys.
Please, don’t compare them with those I showed on the other Post, I know those are still miles better than this one. But hey! It was my first try! 🙂
Maybe the next one(s) will not be as bad as this!

And below the picture, you guys will find the first video I made today, while it was still raining.
I didn’t like it – not only because I have only half of my head, but also cause I had things in the pockets of my Blazer and they made everything look „strange“ …

Well… Maybe it wasn’t „the“day. 🙂

 photo SuitampTieSmall_zps4a0a19f6.jpg

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  1. By Bondage Colby on

    Hallo Alex, sei nicht so streng in der Beurteilung mit dir und deinen Videoaufnahmen. Das muss erst einmal jemand nachmachen. Jeder grosse Hollywood-Film hat Out-Takes wegen Problemen mit der Bekleidung oder nicht zum Film passenden Requisiten. Der Businessman ist wieder unterwegs, dies ist das Wichtigste. Das Bild kommt schon dem Original nahe, der Hintergrund ist nicht ganz Ă€hnlich 🙂 Danke und liebe GrĂŒsse BC

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Hallo BC! Vielen Dank fĂŒr den Kommentar, mein Freund! 🙂 Es ist immer schön, Deine Wörter zu Lesen! DANKE! :)h


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