März 12 2015

„Where Do You Buy Your Leathers?“

Hi everyone.

Hope you are doing fine while reading this.
So, many people ask me where I buy my leathers and as far as I remember, I have always answered.
But… there is this guy on YouTube always asking over and over again, where I buy my leathers, although I have answered him already.
And here is a print to show that I answered him a long time ago (More than 4 months is „a long time ago“, isn’t it? 😀 )


 photo YTAntwort_zps0jd8fiui.jpg——————————————————————————————–

Maybe my answer was little complicated to understand? (And I am not making a joke here)

So, you may still ask „Herr Ledermann, where do you buy your Leathers?“
As you can see on the image above, I would answer „I buy them everywhere„.
And then you would ask „But where is „everywhere„?

Ok, Ok… 😀 So by „everywhere“ I mean everywhere, where I can afford.
I buy new pieces and also buy 2nd Hand Leathers.
I really don’t care if it’s old or new, as long as I like it and of course, as long as I can pay for it.

For example, this winterjacket, I bought on a Shopping Mal here in my town.
It’s my first eiderdown jacket, but the only one with a hood. It was the last one on the shelves and I bought it, cause, although it is a little bigger than my size, the price was really a nice bargain.

This Coat, that has been one of my favorites, I bought on a 2nd Hand Market also here in my city.
I saw it there and asked to try it and although there wasn’t a mirror there to check myself and see if it looked nice, I bought it, cause it was really cheap.
Fortunately, it fits me… don’t you think? 😀

Well, some of my Leathers, I bought on Ebay some I bought on Leather Clothing Stores as you can see in this old video (Click the link below)
– I bouhgt a pair of pants that day – and as I already posted here once, I also make some of them – Read about it here)

And although I buy on Ebay, I am not very fond of this type of buying, cause most of the time the pieces are either too small or too big.
But I don’t see this as a big problem if I didn’t pay too much for them.
Here’s an example… I bought these „modern“ pants on Ebay, but unfortunately, they are too tight on my waist, although they are supposed to be my number…

 photo BlogPost_zpsndd9ewhk.jpg

I need to re-sell them, as I also have some other pieces that need to take the same destination.
Who knows, maybe I’ll make some pictures before I put them online…. If I ever put them online … he he he

So, I think the answer to the question „Where do you buy your leathres“ is quite clear now, isn’t it? 🙂

Stay nice! 🙂

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    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Hi Gary! Thank you for the comment… after a long time I am answearing…
      Well, hope you are ok! 🙂

  1. By David on

    Well, I enjoyed your post, and even more so some of your recent videos. 😉

    I love your leather trenchcoat – the leather is really beautiful, and you look great in it (I’m just jealous, lol).

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Nice you enjoyed the post and some of the recent videos, David!
      Thank you for the comment! – and don’t be jealous! heeheheh 😀 😀


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