August 27 2015


Hallo everyone,

So, today I decided to give myself a „Throwback Thursday“ as you may have already seen on my last uploaded Video.

And by „Throwback Thursday“, I mean going out in „Biker Gear“ for a little show off… well, back in the days there was also a Bike with me… but not anymore! 😀 (*Gear = I just don’t like this word!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

If you, reading now, never knew I was (am?) a Biker, here’s a picture from the (good) old days.

And right below an extra „Show Off Video“ from today.

Stay nice! 😉

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  1. By go giro on

    Good morning Alex.
    It isn’t possible to put on and spend leather, so it’s very regrettable.
    Alex’s video is being seen and a heart is being healed.
    Thank you Alex. Good-bye.

  2. By gary on

    hi alex great article my friend and i love the new videos.did you get my message ?stay safe my friend

  3. By BC on

    Ich sage nur, ich bin auch vom Biker Alex Ledermann begeistert. War eine gute Idee Deine Motorradbekleidung wieder auszuführen.

  4. By go giro on

    A leather suit can see different parenthesis good again.
    Did Alex have his hair done?
    I was surprised.
    I’m always waiting for your leather video pleasantly.

    A leather video, always thank you very much.    

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Hallo Go Giro!
      Yes, I had my hair „totally done“! No hair!
      Nice you liked the videos! 🙂


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