September 20 2017

New In My Wardrobe

Hi everyone.

As most of you already know, I make some fo my Pieces, but of course, I also buy many of them – no matter if old or new. If I like it and if I have the Money to pay for it, I take it.
In the last Months I have bought 2 Jackets, a Shirt, a pair of Pants, Shoes and some other Leather Stuff, for example a new Office Chair.

As I said, I bought 2 Jackets – and at the moment, I have so many Jackets, that I had to build myself a type of Clothes Rack(!) only for my Jackets and Coats… But this and the Jackets I’ll show you guys in another post.
So… One of the Jackets I bought is that „Black & White“ that you can see in the last two Videos I uploaded and also in the Post below this one. (If you haven’t seen the Videos, just click here for Video #1 and click here for Video # 2).

Unfortunately, white Leather doesn’t show up as black Leather does, so I decided to show some Pictures of it here below. And although the Cuffs, Colar and Waist of this Jacket aren’t made of Leather (unfortunately), it is becoming one of my faves. Well, I could not let it slip away from my fingers. There were only two of them in the Shop where I bought it, one of my size and another one 2 sizes bigger.

Interesting is, one Month later, after I bought the Jacket, I decided to go back to that Shop to see if there was some new Leathers, that I could like and maybe buy and a friend of mine was with me on that day. Then all of a sudden he said „Alex! Alex! Look! Look! The same Jacket as yours!“ LOL
What do I see then? A big Guy wearing the same Jacket as I was wearing, the only difference is that his was bigger than mine (He was also bigger than me) and when we got inside the Shop, I checked and noticed that the other Jacket wasn’t there anymore!!
What a coincidence! 😀

Stay nice – and leathered up!

This is the first Picture I made as soon as I got home.


I do like how it looks, specially the back side!


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  1. By First Colby on

    Gut das Du bei dieser Jacke sofort zugegriffen hast. Sieht sehr schick aus. Gibt es im Online Store von Gypsy nicht mehr. Ich bin auch ein glücklicher Besitzer einer Gypsy Biker-Jacke, die ich mir 2014 in Dresden, gleich nach meinem Leipzig Besuch 🙂 bei Peek & Cloppenburg gekauft habe. Du wirst damit sicher viel Freude haben. Liebe Ledergruesse FC


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