September 26 2017

You’re Gonna See Red! (New In My Wardrobe 2)

Hallo you people outhere,
Last week I posted about one of the Jackets I bought in the last months and it’s now time to post about the red one.

I was longing for a red Jacket with a Hoodie and after searching on the internet, I found this one…
It was not „the“ red Jacket I wanted to have, specially because the leather was not that „heavy/strong“ as I thought it would/could be and the Cuffs and Waist were not made of leather. But the Jacket stood there starring at me, hypnotising me…
And although it was not that cheap (and also not THAT expensive), I clicked „buy“, and 2 days after purchasing it, I recieved the package.
I opened it up, and there it was, between sheets of plastic and paper… the red color was somehow illuminating my room! 😀
I took it out of the box and went to try it in front of the mirror.

Well, I felt that it was one number smaller than my size, but I decided to keep it as it was, cause I found it looked pretty good.
So I decided that I needed red „Shoes“ to go with this Jacket! 😀
I started looking around in Shops, but couldn’t find a pair that suited my taste…
After searching for a while, like one week or so, I found this pair… One number bigger than my usual shoe size… But after trying it in the Store I noticed it wouldn’t be a big deal having a „bigger“ size. I took them home 😀

The next day, as soon as I could, I went outside to make some pictures. And of course, I didn’t wore they only that day, but also other days.
Below you can see some pictures I have made in the past months and also a Video I tried to make, but there were too many people around, so I gave up doing it.

  • The color in this Jacket is really complicated to get in the pictures…

Hope you guys enjoy this Post, the Photos and the short Video.
Stay nice – and leathered up!



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  1. By First Colby on

    Da bleibt nicht viel zu sagen(oder soviel, dass der Platz nicht im Kommentarfeld nicht ausreicht), einfach grossartig. Du weisst wirklich mit Lederbekleidung und der Kombination dieser perfekt umzugehen. Rot und schwarz harmonieren hier wirklich super. Du kannst das einzigartig tragen und hast wirklich ein gutes „Händchen“ im Kauf und der Zusammenstellung Deiner Ledergarderobe. Gratuliere.

  2. By Peter on

    A perfect match.
    Black&red are great togheter and the sporty style of your this outfit is amazing as always.
    I like so much your shoes, in contrast with those fantastic shiny tight leather pants.
    It’s a fact: you’ve a really perfect taste in wearing leather stuffs!


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