Oktober 1 2017

Pakistan Leather – Fake/Fraud/Betrüger??? (Update 02.10.17)

Oh man! It’s sad, but it happened! But it could be worse! hehehehe

By the way, if anything happens (good or bad), I will post again. Who knows… Maybe I could get what I ordered!

Well, about two weeks ago, I posted a picture of me on a Leather Community on G.Plus and one of the comments I got was from this „Pakistan Leather Company“. It was not a comment about my picture, but he was trying to sell some Leather Clothing. I simply ignored it.
Then, on the next week I posted another picture of me on another Leather Community and instead of commenting on the picture, like he did last time, he came to my Blog, posted (spammed) two comments, one in English and one in German (!) and even contcted me privately, once again trying to sell me his Leathers.
I started then a research about his name „Pakistan Leather Company“. Checked his Blogspot-Website, found his Facebook Page and also looked through the posts on his G.Plus Page.

I tried to see if anyone had already ordered something from him. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything on this. Didn’t find any good comments, but also didn’t find any bad comments.
I talked to my partner about this, showed him the pages and after a long talk we decided to give it a try.
Mr. Pakistan Leather sends his Cell Phone Number in almost every Comment-Spam he posts. So I added him as a WhatsApp Contact.
We started a conversation. After almost a whole day of WhatsApp Messages, we decided to make an Order – 50%/50% = we would pay half of the money before we got the product and the rest of the money after recieving the product.
The Payment had to be done either with MoneyGram or Western Union (You have no guarantees here!!), cause PayPal is not available in Pakistan.
Well, we created an account on MoneyGram and sent him half of the Money. He said „the Shirt will be shipped tomorrow„. The next day I asked for the DHL Number he should give me, to follow the package and then he answered „I am travelling, please wait“ – At this moment I was pretty sure I had been fooled! LOL 😀
Since then he has been ignoring me and not answering my messages. That’s why I decided to post about this. I don’t know if I was the first to be cheated on or how many people have been fooled. I only hope those who decide to give this man a try find this post and think many times before making an order.

So, stay nice, leathered up and don’t buy from Pakistan Leather Online Company.

UPDATE (01.10.2017):
I showed him I would post about, and this is what he sent me.

UPDATE (02.10.2017):

Am I missing somethin? Yesterday he said he would give me the Number to follow my package. Today, I asked for the Number and this is the answer I got:


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  1. By First Colby on

    Ich hoffe für Dich, das diese Bestellung bei Dir einlangt. Liebe Grüsse FC

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Danke dir, FC! Aber die Hoffnung löst sich langsam auf. Gestern hat er geschrieben dass er mir die DHL sendungsnummer heute geben würde. Heute habe ich nach der Sendungsnummer gefragt und er sagte „Wenn ich dir die Sendungsnummer gebe, wirst du KEIN Hemd bekommen“!!!!! Was für….

  2. By Tel Perion on

    Ich drück‘ Dir die Daumen. Vielleicht kommt ja wirklich noch etwas an.

    1. By Alex Ledermann (Beitrag Autor) on

      Danke dir, mein Freund! Die Hoffnung ist immer noch nicht gestorben. Wenn ich irgendetwas bekomme (oder nicht), werde ich nochmal schreiben. Mal sehen.


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