Oktober 2 2017

Now… On TV! (LOL)

Hallo you leather fans outhere! 😀
This is something I wanted to post before, but I always forget about it. But now I have remembered! So here we go! heheheeh

There was an event in my City some months ago and we decided to attend. Some friends came from other citties and we went together to listen to some good music, have something to drink and to watch the people on the streets. There were even some people there wearing Leather. It was surely a nice treat for the Eyes.

I didn’t notice that the TV was filming right on my side. I just saw it when I watched, by chance(!), the Programm on the Television. It was somehow interesting to see a Video of myself that I did not record! 😀 It was less than 10 Seconds, but still interesting, I think! 😀
If I had noticed that I would appear in the Video, I would stand up and walk around… Who knows I will pay more attention next time.

As the Video doesn’t belong to me, I will not upload it, but below you can see some Screenshots and you also find a Link to the whole Programm – you can see me at 15:50 Minutes.

-> M D R vor Ort

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