Oktober 7 2017

At The Restaurant (ENG)

Hey People!
It’s so nice when you get looks and compliments about your outfit, isn’t it? Well, at least I like it, when it happens to me. heheheh Even though I may become a little shy…

So, Last night we decided to have a dinner out and we chose to eat at a greek Restaurant. We have been there before and as the meal was really tasty, we decided then to go back there. As we had a Holiday yesterday, we didn’t expect to find so many people there. At first we thought we would not find a table, but as we came inside, we were greeted by the Chef/Owner of the Restaurant and he said he liked my Moustache, then he took us to a table that was still free. We checked the Menu, made our Orders and waited.

Some Minutes later a Family arrived (Father, Mother and 3 Kids/Boys).
Our Drinks arrived – I had Orange Juice – and as usual, also a small glass of Ouzo. Then our Salads arrived and at this time I noticed that the Father of the Family, which was sitting on a table on my right, would check „me“ from time to time (You can see his head on the first picture, behind the Cola Glass). Some time later, as we already were eating our Meals, he looked at me while holding his small Ouzo Glass in his hand, and offered it to me. I understood as „I am not going to drink it, would you like to have it?“, so I answered with gesture something like „No, thanks, I still have to drive“! Then he pointed his hand with the Ouzo Glass towards my Partner like „Maybe he then?“ and I moved my head like „Noooo! Thank you“ heheeheheh
Well, I noticed/I think he was trying somehow to get in contact, but I was (am?) too cold to open a door! Sometimes he would look straight at my face and smile, but most of the time he would look at my legs and boots. So as soon as I had a chance I stood up, standing between my table and his table, so that he could have a better look! 😀 😀

We were done with our meals. And I must say that it was as tasty as before. So we called the Waiter, paid what we had too, stood up and went on our way to the Exit. Half way from the door, the Chef/Owner asked if everything was ok, and if we enjoyed our meal, and then he looked at me from head to toe and said:
Let me take a better look at you!….
Then he once again x-rayed me from head to toe and said clear and loud:
I like this style… I DO LIKE IT! That’s really nice!
And I, completely shy, answered with a smile and a „Nö!?!“ (something like „isn’t it!?!?), then we said goodbyes and went outside.

Note 1: Don’t be afraid to wear your Leathers outside.

Note 2: If you ever come to Leipzig, and would like to eat some „griechisch„, you should visit this restaurant!

Note 3: As the pictures inside/outside of the restaurant didn’t came out that good, I made some extra shots at home with my camera, so you can have a better look at my Boots. And there is also a Video I tried to make yesterday, but once again, I was bekame headless… Hope you guys enjoy them.

Stay nice! – and leathered up!




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