Oktober 8 2017

Kleiderständer (ENG)

Hello Hello,

as I mentioned before, I bought some new Leathers in the last Months.
Some of the things I bought were Jackets and you can see two of them here and here.
But, as I have too many¹ Jackets at the moment, I decided

But, as I have too many¹ Jackets at the moment, I decided to buy a Clothes Rack.

¹ = Is it possible to have enough Jackets???

I searched a lot in the Internet, but I could not find a Clothes Rack that would suit my taste.
Then I thought of constructing one myself.
I got in the car, drove to OBI and I bought some Boards and Dowels. As soon as I got home, I started with the construction of the Clothes Rack.
Measured… Sawn… Drilled… Screwed… It took me about two hours to have the work done.

Now I have enough space² for my Jackets, Blazers and Coats.

² = Till when? Someday I’ll buy some new Jackets…

How do you guys like my work? 😀 😀

Stay nice – and leathered up!

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